Woman Diver
The whistle-like sound that an ama makes when exhaling as she resurfaces, is called "Isobue". From the Ama Stand, visitors can enjoy watching the Ama's demonstration so closely that you can even feel their breath.
The Ama once played on essential role in the cultivation of pearls.
They dove to collect pearl oysters and dove again to replace them on the sea bed following insertion of the nucleus.
They also had to promptly transfer oysters to safe locations in the case of a red tide attack or typhoon.
The success of pearl cultivation not have been possible without their contribution.
Today, as the pearl cultivation technique has been developed, the Ama are no longer needed.
However, we show their demonstration on Pearl Island in order to commemorate their once important role in pearl cultivation.
Pearl Island is now the only place where you can see Ama in the traditional white diving wear.