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Yaguruma is a multifunctional adornment which can be used in 12ways. It can be jointed together according to purpose.
The metal base is platinum (platinum 900 and iridic platinum), and an attached base is 18carat white gold.
One 8.75mm pearl is mounted at the center and twenty pearls of 3.5-4.5mm are arranged on each side.
Diamonds and calibre cut sapphires and emeralds are set systematically.
The technique of millegrain is applied to all the borders.
It was exhibited at the World Exposition in Paris in 1937 and attracted people's interest.
Having been sold after the World Exposition, it was put up at auction in New York in 1989, half a century later.
It is the most important personal ornament of the initial years of the Showa Period, and such an excellent article that no other jewellery can be compared with.